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Alt-rock four piece, Novustory can usually be found tucked away in their own custom-built studio in Blackburn, merging together elements of all your favourite styles of music.


Think both modern and classic rock; alt-rock; the slightest hint of metal and a touch of pop, and you'll be about there. For fans of Biffy Clyro, Paramore, Nothing But Thieves and Royal Blood, Novustory’s sound is familiar but unique.


Imo // Vocals


Undoubtedly the star of the show (please don't tell her we said that), Imo fronts the band and generally puts us all in our place - we'd have it no other way.

  • Musical heroes - Don Broco / Owl City / Nina Simone

  • Favourite non-musical activity - Eating / Cooking / Netflix

  • Hidden talents -  I can peel a banana with my feet and I can whistle and hum at the same time.

Ducky // Drums

If anyone is to prove the stereotype of drummers being stupid wrong, it's our Ducky. When he's not shredding the pots and pans, masterminding the entire brains of our live rig or fixing the Land Rover, you'll also find him producing solid gold hits in the studio. For these reasons and many more, we love him, and so should you.

  • Musical heroes - Muse / Biffy Clyro / Nickleback / Foo Fighters

  • Favourite non-musical activity - Fixing stupid 15 year old land rovers / Airsofting / Anything drag related

  • Hidden talents -  I can fall asleep anywhere I want, any time I want to.


Ben // guitar


Often referred to as 'the old one of the group', Ben takes care of terrible jokes, a pedalboard with its own postcode, and one superb haircut. Whilst he might have the attitude of a 100-year old man, he's pretty nifty on the guitar and he's fluent in SICK RIFFAGE, so we forgive him.

  • Musical heroes - Jimi Hendrix / Matt Bellamy

  • Favourite non-musical activity - Watching football / Playing football (when my ancient body allows it) / Playing football manager (according to Imo)

  • Hidden talents -  I was the North West Junior Badminton Champion when I was younger

Blenk // Bass

Blenk's the newbie, so we're reserving the right to say too many nice things about him until he's really proved himself (one of us, one of us). Whilst technically older than Ben, Blenk still thinks he's in his early 20s (he wishes), though his hangovers often remind him that he's not. 

  • Musical heroes - The Beatles / Johnny Marr / Elliott Smith / Taylor Swift

  • Favourite non-musical activity - Cans / Eating / Traveling

  • Hidden talents -  My air drumming is better than my bass playing